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Residential Stump Grinding in Tampa Bay Area

Typical grind ​

The average stump removal in Tampa area consists of a 4 to 6 inch grind below the depth of the soil directly next to the stump. Sod may be planted if the remaining mulch is replaced with top soil.

Shallow grind

This is the cheapest way to go. The stump is ground to a depth that is just below the soil surface next to the stump.

Deep grind/removal ​

On some ocasions it may be necessary to perform a deep grind. This is usually in preparation to replant a new tree/bush in the same position as the current stump. The final grind depth needed must be specified in advance.

Ultra low impact stump removal/very tight spaces

Our standard grinder will fit through a 36 inch gate to access most stumps easily. However, some stumps may be in tighter areas or require a very careful touch. Our smaller chainsaw style grinder can still access even your hardest to reach stumps. It will even make quick work of stumps in flower planters!

Surface and subsurface root removal/pruning

Our St.Petersburg stump removal company also offers root pruning and removal. Some times roots that grow above the soil surface become trip hazards. Other times it is necessary to remove roots because they have grown under and lifted sidewalks or driveways.

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