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Whatever your business needs may be, STUMPS AND ROOTS is able to work around your schedule and will make sure your landscape is quickly returned to its pristine condition.

  • Tree services in Tampa Bay area
  • Clearwater Landscapers
  • St.Petersburg Driveway companies
  • Municipalities
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  • Golf courses

Terrain may pose a problem for some stump grinders, but our tracked Tampa Bay stump grinder will make short work of stumps located in sand or deep mud.

We have a long track record of service that is truly reliable. One call and the job is done. And our stump grinders in Clearwater area always show up for appointments. Don't put up with waiting for 2 hours at your property and a no show. We haven't kept the same commercial relationships for decades just on our good looks.

And yes, we can cut roots out of footers.

Run into heavy roots while digging a footer? We have a small chainsaw size stump grinder in Tampa Bay area that can be lowered right into footers you have already cut without compromising the walls! Don't pay someone to do hours of axe work that our grinder can do in just a few minutes. Let us save you time and money.

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